This site attempts to inform the previous, current, and future work required to fulfill the requirements of the projects under the Logos Collective, a complete tech stack that provides infrastructure for the self-sovereign network state. To learn more about the motivation, please visit the Logos Collective Site.

This site is an ongoing work in progress. The links within are an attempt to capture a lot of moving targets. This means that the information here may or may not be the bleeding edge of what is true with respect to the development within the Logos Collective projects. Your use of this Website is subject to the following terms of use which we ask you to read carefully prior to your use of the Website.

Every year (starting this year), each project defines its plans in a number a milestones, which are then reflected and tracked here-in. You an read more about the contents of a given milestone and the various justifications for that content in What is a Milestone.



Skunk works